February 24

It’s a crime to be blasé about corporate governance in Australia

Directors in Australia have a responsibility to ensure their company maintains a corporate culture that complies with the law. The Australian corporate regulatory framework is constantly being refined and strengthened and has been one of the secrets to the resilience of Australian capital markets and public corporations when global markets and international companies have faltered and.

March 31

Good Contract Drafting; An Artform

Acting for a client in a commercial matter is one of the highest privileges a lawyer can be given. It allows you to fully engage with your client’s vision and make the deal a reality. You can add your commercial acumen to your reservoir of legal and academic knowledge and your experiences generally to create.

March 28

Is Investment Risk Different to Legal Risk?

I have been asked to chair the 3rd Annual Contracts Conference at Legalwise Seminar next Monday. I will also be presenting a paper at the first session on “Good Contract Drafting: Costs, Consistency, Formatting and Variations.” Come along if it’s not too late or ask Legalwise for a copy of the paper. I am also.

January 22

Estates, Copyright and Literary Executors

“A will may appoint different executors to deal with different parts of the estate. [Wills, Administration and Taxation: a practical guide (1990, UK) Barlow, J. S., King, L. C., King, A. G. Sweet and Maxwell, London. p. 192.] A literary executor is a person granted (by a will) decision-making power in respect of a literary.