Feb 27

Lawyers are indispensable in building tomorrow, today

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“Information now flows like water, and we must learn how to tap into its stream…accessing it and synergistically networking with others to shape serendipity to increase the likelihood of positive chance encounters….transform your teams to adapt to the networked world of information and intellect….

In this revolutionary book, ‘The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion’ three doyens of the Internet age (John Hagel III, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison, whose path-breaking work has made headlines around the world), reveal the adjustments we must make if we take these changes seriously. In a world of increasing risk and opportunity, we must understand the importance of pull. Understood and used properly, the power of pull can draw out the best in people and institutions by connecting them in ways that increase understanding and effectiveness. Pull can turn uncertainty into opportunity, and enable small moves to achieve outsized impact.”  http://www.amazon.com/The-Power-Pull-Smartly-Things/dp/0465028764

Pull Platforms and the concrete implementation of them – competence platforms – will help us to prepare for the unexpected and act accordingly…

‘Pull’-driven Platform thinking exploit the opportunities created by uncertainty by helping people come together and innovate in response to unanticipated events, drawing upon a growing array of highly specialized and distributed resources. With this feature a Pull Platform becomes a real asset for ecosystem builders and in orchestration of distributed freelancer organizations.”  See:  Ilkka Kakko ‘How to elevate your platform thinking – the role of competence platforms and Devil’s Advocates in harnessing serendipity’.

I think lawyers can play the best ‘Devil’s Advocates as participants in the Competence Platforms because they are trained to anticipate the uncertainties and vicissitudes of the future. By planning for any number of possible outcomes, the risks associated with unbridled Pull Platforms are minimized and averaged out.

So there’s no excuse to not be entrepreneurial and innovative. Just get wise counsel through good lawyers who know how to future-cast.

Lawyers have been maligned as ‘deal breakers’ by unintelligent and fearful people who care more about their back pocket than they do about making profit through calculated risk.

Wise businesspeople understand good commercial lawyers put their client’s commercial interests first and don’t counsel risk scenarios to be ‘negative’ but are wisely charting a path through unexpectedness. Certainly that’s the approach we have taken for decades at Corp1st.com.au with lawyers who service and under-gird the Pull Platform masters with our solid competency platform that assess, plans and drafts the future we create together with our clients. What a ride!

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Peter Janssen

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